Time to Talk Chinese: for Children

Introduction: Hi dear little friends, I am a multimedia courseware for learning Chinese. My name is Chinese for Children. I am looking forward to being good friends with you. We can watch Chinese cartoons together, and read stories about Doudou and Lele, two Chinese kids. We can also watch Chinese short plays and see what the life of Chinese children is like. I can speak Chinese as well as English. I can help you learn Chinese language, culture and characters. After learning three to four stories, you will be able to talk fluently in Chinese with Chinese friends. You can tell your parents that Time to Talk Chinese: for Children has parents too – Time to Talk Chinese: for Parents. Parents can learn Chinese themselves and study with you. The whole family can learn Chinese together. How fun! The English textbooks and DVDs for Time to Talk Chinese: for Children are published by ChinaSprout. For more information, please visit: http://www.chinasprout.com/ Characteristics: The child dramas reflect the contemporary life of children in China. . The cartoon images are cute and appealing. Dialogue bubbles can be clicked for pronunciation, making it easy to follow along. Up to date popular children’s language, clear and standard pronunciation, easy for children to accept. Matching materials for parents, which can help them to learn Chinese and cultivate a family Chinese environment. Bilingual support: simplified Chinese and English Introduction to the Whole Series: Time to Talk Chinese selects commonly used Chinese from the learner’s daily life. It creates a family environment for learning Chinese through easy and lively topics. Time to Talk Chinese for Children is written for children under 8. Time to Talk Chinese for Parents can be used by parents to learn Chinese along with their kids.

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