China Panorama Level 1

Introduction: This App series consists of 6 levels in total and is targeted at non-native Chinese learners older than 16 years of age. It caters to the various needs of Chinese learners from absolute beginners to students at more advanced levels. China Panorama features scientific and standard learning content and flexible learning styles to help learners study given the time they have in a gradual and systematic manner. With China Panorama learners are able to use Chinese characters and deal with practical issues they might confront when communicating with Chinese people under different circumstances. China Panorama not only cultivates learner’s comprehensive communicative abilities, but also helps them to understand in greater depth the social status quo in and the social values of Chinese people.
China Panorama Level 1 includes 300 vocabulary words, 50 grammatical points, and 20 cultural tips. Upon completing this level, learners will be able to type Chinese characters on the computer, distinguish Chinese tones and pronunciations, and use basic daily expressions, such as introducing one’s own name, nationality and profession, making phone calls, extending invitations, and writing letters or notes in simple Chinese. In addition, completion of this level is equivalent to A1 of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
Basic Information:
The course includes 10 units;
It is suggested that each unit take 3~6 hours to complete and the whole level should be take learners about 6 months to finish;
In addition to the online self-studying for each unit, it is suggested that 2~3 class hours of online tutoring are taken in order to reach better results;
Media language: English;


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