Exploring Chinese Culture - Online Course

Introduction: Exploring Chinese Culture mainly targets worldwide people studying Chinese and those interested in Chinese culture. The course is based on extensive surveys and covers a wide range of topics that will attract those using the App. It concentrates on the eight most typical culture areas that relate to the learning needs of foreigners studying Chinese, and is classified into 45 cultural scenes. The App adapts to the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century of the United States and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Union. The App includes 45 fascinating videos that illustrate 45 respective cultural points, thus giving you the opportunity to visit a real-life wonderland of Chinese culture which will lead you in exploring the marvelous and profound aspects and differences in culture. The App is also an ideal supplementary teaching material for teachers to use in their Chinese culture classes. Exploring Chinese Culture takes you to a real-life China!

《中国文化欣赏》适用于世界各国汉语学习者以及对中国文化感兴趣的各届人士。本App参考了美国《21世纪外语学习标准》、《欧洲共同语言参考框架》而设计,经过广泛调研、收集外国人感兴趣的话题,最终撷取8个最富有代表性、最贴近海外需求的中国文化板块,共45个文化点。 本App包括45个精彩的电视影像,来讲述每一个文化点,带你走进一个真实生动的中国文化宝库,探寻文化现象背后的奇妙与深邃。 本App也可供教师作为中国文化课程辅助学习材料使用。 “中国文化欣赏”将带您发现真实的中国!

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