Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Introduction: This App has been specially compiled and consists of a selection of twelve classic Chinese nursery rhymes, such as Looking for a Friend, Little White Rabbit, Grandma’s Bridge, etc., all of which are simple and catchy and presented in combination with well-known background music, sweet recitations from children, and lovely cartoon illustrations. Your child will love it! This App is also a great way for mother-child interaction, in addition of course to developing your child’s intelligence and creative thinking. Or, if you are a Chinese teacher, this App can help to serve as a supplementary teaching tool for kindergarten and lower grade students in primary schools. This App features a simple interface and easy to use operational functions, for example:

• Pause any time you want so the original recitations can be re-read

• Shift between Pinyin to Chinese character modes

• Exercises for identifying Chinese characters and Pinyin

Related Recommendations: Some of the nursery rhymes were selected from the Chinese teaching program for children Time to Talk Chinese: For Children, which has been published in both the U.S. and France. The related books and Apps are also available. These are recommended for foreign children who are studying Chinese, as well as Chinese children who are studying English and French. To view more info about the books and DVDs, please click here:

本应用精选了《找朋友》、《小白兔》、《外婆桥》等12首经典汉语儿歌,语言简单,朗朗上口,配以熟悉的音乐、可爱的男女童声和卡通插图,宝宝爱听,易学,是妈妈和宝宝亲子互动的好助手。既能够促进宝宝语言发展,又可以开发智力、启迪引发宝宝的形象思维和想象能力,也可作为幼儿园和小学低年级汉语教师们的教学辅助材料。 本应用界面操作简单,可随时暂停并跟读。同时拼音与中文模式随意切换,可供练习认读汉字和拼音。 相关推荐: 本应用中的部分歌谣选自儿童汉语教学节目《欢乐时光——儿童汉语》,该节目已在美国和法国出版,并配有图书、Apps,适用于学汉语的外国儿童,也适用于学英语和法语的中国儿童。 了解图书和DVD请点击: