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Introduction: Practical, User-Friendly, Quick Results! Easy Chinese is a series of practical and intensive Chinese learning courses that were developed specifically for adult Chinese learners. The App version of Easy Chinese utilizes 11 themes, which include 7 – 9 units for each theme with live-action videos, simulated dialogues, and role playing games, as well as practical, intelligible culture tips, which covers nearly all the topics needed for daily communication. The App helps learners to swiftly master the most authentic practical Chinese, to learn about the fundamentals of Chinese culture, and to solve various linguistic difficulties frequently faced by learners of the Chinese language. Product Information: Course format: 2-3 Talks + 1 Role Playing Dialogue + 1 Cultural Tip Live-action videos of 2 – 3 minutes in length Chinese, English, and Pinyin subtitles Simulated dialogues and role playing exercises Easy Chinese –“3 in 1” fast-track Chinese training program: Chinese learning + professional learning + internship and employment guidance

实用、易学、速成、快捷! 《易捷汉语》是专门为成人学习者量身打造的实用速成汉语。本App精心设计了11个主题,每个主题下有7-9个单元,有真人实景的情景表演视频,有模拟对话、角色扮演等练习,有实用、易懂的文化讲解,涵盖日常交际各个方面的话题。帮助学习者迅速掌握最地道的实用汉语,了解基本的中国文化,解决学习者在汉语环境中可能遇到的各种语言问题。 产品基本信息: 课程体例:2-3 Talk + 1 Role Play + 1 Culture Tip 真人实景情景表演视频,时长约2-3分钟 中文,英文,拼音字幕 模拟对话、角色扮演练习 《易捷汉语》- 短期速成汉语直通车培训,汉语学习+专业学习+实习就业“3合1”

Easy Chinese on s.myechinese.com

Easy Chinese

Introduction: The app includes all of the Easy Chinese lessons on s.myechinese.com. Learners can purchase the continuously updating lessons in the app. 易捷汉语app包含了所有易捷汉语所有在线课程。学习者可以在app中随时购买不断更新的课程。


Basic Expressions

Introduction: Hello and Goodbye, Forms of Address, Greetings, etc. 基本交际用语,称呼,打招呼等



Introduction: Climate and Weather, Going Through Customs, Claiming Luggage, Reserving a Room, etc. 天气,入关检查,取行李,预订房间等


Buying Things and Bargaining

Introduction: Asking for a Price, Bargaining, Buying Tickets, Shopping, etc. 问价,还价,买票,购物等


Ordering and Eating

Introduction: Dining, Ordering Food, Table Manners, etc.  就餐,点菜,餐桌礼仪等


Asking for Directions and Transportation

Introduction: Asking for a Location, Taking a Taxi, Public Transportation, etc. 问路,坐出租车,乘车等


Handling Affairs

Introduction: Changing Rooms and Reporting a Repair, Leaving a Message, Searching for Someone, etc. 换房与保修,留言,找人等


Getting Sick and Seeing a Doctor

Introduction: Feeling Sick, Requesting Time Off, Seeing a Doctor, etc. 生病,请假,看病等


Leisure Time

Introduction: Sports, Traveling, Karaoke, Getting Together, Festival Celebrations, etc. 运动,旅游,唱卡拉OK,约会,过节等



Introduction: Communicating, Making a Phone Call, Answering Embarrassing Questions, etc. 语言沟通,打电话,不必介意的问题等


Interpersonal Relationship

Introduction: Small Talk, Apologizing, Responding to Compliments, Saying Goodbye, Giving Presents, etc. 寒暄,道歉,谦虚,告别,赠送礼物等


Expressing One’s Feeling

Introduction: Expressing Praise, Showing Love, Best Wishes, Refusing an Invitation, etc.  表达赞美,爱意表达,祝愿,委婉的拒绝等