Learn Chinese Free

It introduces you to the most commonly used Chinese characters;
It provides you the most popular Chinese words;
It shares with you the most authentic Chinese traditional poems and cultural views;
It hits on the hottest topics in modern Chinese society;
It is “Learn Chinese Free”,
To learn Chinese, it is easier than you think!
Watching, Listening, Reading, and Sharing! Enjoy learning!
Learn Chinese Free includes 13 sections including Chinese language learning, Chinese cultural exploring , and Chinese contemporary society experiencing , all of which can be used by learners to study by themselves, as well used as complementary materials for Chinese teaching.
The sections are as follows:
Characters, Words, Sentences, News, Jokes, etc. You will be introduced to basic Chinese characters, words, and sentences via pictures and audio files. This format serves as a great helper for practicing Chinese pronunciation, listening, and building your own Chinese language foundation;
Idioms. This section introduces stories containing philosophic views on life and reflections on traditional Chinese ideas which can help learners to gain a better grasp of the content found in Chinese conversations, in addition to the style of how Chinese people speak;
Video. This section helps learners study Chinese more directly and in real life situations through videos, which also creates a fun and interactive learning experience.
Fun, Life, Culture, Travel, etc. These sections present hot topics in contemporary China and allow learners to deepen their knowledge about the real China.
About China, The world. In this section learners learn about different cultural views and points of contention through the reading texts provided.
Learn Chinese Free now has about 3,000 articles and is updated on daily basis. The content can be switched freely for viewing in either Chinese or English. It provides Pinyin and audio files for the various features of each section. Through the navigation toolbars users can subscribe to sections based on their own needs and the study time they have available.