Online Courses Level Description


Welcoming, introductions, paying a visit, expression of gratitude and fare wells, enquiring, greetings, nationality and identity, making a phone, make an invitation, make an appointment


Asking for directions, giving directions, refusing politely and expressing willing, expression of frequency and duration, ask about dates, shopping, talk about food, having a dinner, expressing habits and preference


Hairdressing and haircut, costume, choosing and buy clothing, expression of sports and fitness, buying a phone card, answering and passing on a phone call, taking a taxi, asking and giving the way


Renting an apartment, living habits, giving gifts, talking about music, talking about climate, discussing the weather, taking photos, go for an outing, treating guest, order food


Health, seeing a doctor, doing housework, home services, urban traffic, asking for help, office routines, customer relationship, at the post office, withdrawing and remitting money


Booking a hotel room, buing tickets, language learning, school education, way of travling, picking up and seeing off frends and family, talking about luck, offering help, holiday plans, celebrating the Spring Festival