General Introduction of the Online Courses

Do you want to

  • ● Learn Chinese flexibly anytime and anywhere
  • ● Express in written Chinese at the beginner level
  • ● Solve varied problems independently during the course of learning Chinese
  • ● Communicate and make Chinese friends over the internet
  • ● Obtain abundant extended learning material, like audio-visual, reading resources
  • ● Access more culture and society about contemporary China beyond classroom

We provide an easy learning environment and instant backup service, meeting all your wants and needs.

Learner status

This course is designed for the over-16s or prospective job holders. It enables you to enjoy formal study and flexible learning style through steady advances. You will be able to communicate through written Chinese, and to handle practical problems incurred during working with Chinese.


To develop well-rounded language proficiency, helping you know about Chinese society and values.

Suggested hours

This course offers a package of 12 levels, each of which contains 10 units.

Each unit requires an investment of 3 to 6 hours of learning and practice, meeting all learning needs from zero beginners to the advanced level learners.