Chinese Language and Cultural Camp

Provide a wide range of opportunities for participants to experience total Chinese language immersion, cultural understanding, adventure, and personal growth in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Language immersion and cultures learning environment

Effective Chinese language courses complemented by cultural activities, sports, and excursions

Safety and reliability that are ensured by a dedicated staff of experienced camp directors, teachers and coordinators

Innovative Communicative Language Teaching methods and student-centered approach

Small group classes with a maximum of 10 students


Enter Course : Exploring Chinese Culture

Themed Language Salon

MyEChinese Language Salon is a unique concept that gives students the opportunity to put their learning into practice with a variety of different native speakers in a comfortable and supported communicating environment and the assistance of MyEChinese teachers. The Language Salon is a language exchange party. Participants not only practice their Chinese together but also learn about each other's cultures and make new friends.

Teach in China

Want to have a first-hand experience of Chinese society and culture? Interested in living in one of the most exciting exciting metropolises in the world with a rewarding job and a comfortable salary?

Come to China and work as an English teacher! You can enjoy a unique opportunity to work and live in an exciting new country. Your adventure in China can also provide you with a vital first step into the international job market.

Internship Program

MyEChinese arranges internships for students interested in obtaining work experience in the Chinese business environment. The goal of our program is to offer valuable and practical insight into Chinese culture. In particular, we give our students a direct perspective of Chinese business practices, fostering greater understanding of the cross-cultural differences underlying the global economy. In addition, trainees will have the unique opportunity to hone their Chinese language skills in a real life environment.

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