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Wang Li

I am good at teaching oral Chinese class and comprehensive class in a passionate and interactive teaching style. In the class, I believe, I am not only a teacher but also one of the class attendees just like all the other students.

Personality and Hobbies: optimistic and easy-going; patient and responsible; willing to accept new challenges; fond of reading, traveling and craftmaking.

Chen Meng

I have been teaching Chinese to foreign students since 2007, and have taught in America as well. I have always been interested in learning other languages, communicating with people from different backgrounds. I can speak English, Korean, a little Japanese, and I'm planning to learn some more. In my free time, I love backpacking, shooting pictures, dancing and drinking tea. I look forward to meeting you online and offline and getting to know you.

Tan Lu

I graduated from Michigan State University with a master's degree in Education Technology, I am good at teaching Chinese pronunciation and culture. I keep trying to make my students take pleasure from learning Chinese. I believe it would be a enjoyable experience for you to learn Chinese language and culture. I am a food and book lover, dreaming of traveling around the world. I hope we can have fun together in learning Chinese.

Niu Zhinan

I graduated from BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University), majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second language to Foreigners. I have much experience of Chinese teaching in China as well as abroad. I prefer to be a friend with my students in class, and to learn with them in a happy way. I know English, Japanese besides Mandarin.

I love communicating with different people to explore how we are the same, also how we are distinguished. My hobbies are travelling,hiking,public speech and Chinese painting.

Du Liang

I graduated from Université de Paris VII with a major in Français Langue Etrangère, Master Degree.

Good at: Listening and Speaking class and oral Chinese class.

Teaching style: Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude; stressing that teaching should be combined with practical and native oral language.

Personality and Hobbies: optimistic, steady and easy-going; commitment to fairness and justice; emphasis on principle; fond of music, movie, strolling; willing to study new ideas and loving the way of life full of variety.

Cao Xiaoyan

Education:Master of Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University

I am good at oral Chinese and comprehensive Chinese, I hope I can help you realize Chinese learning goals what you have in mind.

Hobbies and Personality: fond of reading, shopping and cooking; optimistic, patient and easy-going.

Jiang Zilu

I graduated from Lanzhou University with a master degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second language. Being an enthusiastic teacher teaching Chinese to foreigners, I am skilled at tailoring my teaching methods to the students' learning styles and making my classes lively as well as instructive with varieties of interactive activities. Teaching oral Chinese class, Integrated Chinese Class and HSK are what I am especially good at. With my help, my students are sure to gain new insights into China and fall in love with Chinese language.

Cui Jiaxing

My name is Cui Jiaxing, graduated from BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University). Three words may be a perfect summery of my characteristic: passionate, diverse, and delightful.

After 7 years professional study in college - with more than 500 hours teaching and working experience, I believe that I love the identity of being a teacher. For me, it is really enjoyable to share what I have learned with freshmen, or to let foreign students fascinate a traditional oriental culture and language. Enlightened by the teaching experience in Italy - La Sapienza Universita di Roma, I would love to keep focusing on language teaching and learning, especially when they happen in different social or cultural backgrounds.

Are you interested in language, esp. Chinese learning? Do you have your own stories to share with people from different countries? Then come and join us

-we could rock the world!

Wang Qian

I finished my undergraduate studies in China in 2007. And I completed my Master degree of International Communication in Macquarie University in Sydney in 2011.As a Chinese teacher, I have more than 4 years' experience in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language in the Universities of China.

I am very patient and passionate. Also I am interested in studying phenomena of multi-culture and cultural integration. So, I like communicating with people who are from different countries. In my opinion, if you want to understand a country, learn the language of this country first. In the same way, Chinese, as a tool, can help people in worldwide to experience the fascination of China.

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