Online Tutor

In each unit, there is one on line tutor session available. You can exchange ideas and interact with professional Chinese teachers.

MyEChinese Teachers

MyEChinese boasts the finest teaching team from cross China. All teachers have Master’s degrees and ample teaching experience, their mandarin reaching above Level B1.

Evaluation system.

Two-way evaluation system: You can both get evaluation about your class performance and give evaluation for the tutors. That way, we can offer our feedback and improve our work as well.

Merits of MyEChinese Online Tutor:

  • ● Professional Chinese teacher
  • ● Idiomatic mandarin
  • ● 24-hour instant service
  • ● Under-6 student VIP class
  • ● Two-way evaluation system

How to work on online tutor courses?

  • ● Making appointment: During study, you can make appointment anytime for the oral courses, opting for your time and interested topics.
  • ● Altering appointment: If you cannot make it on time, cancel or alter appointments in advance.
  • ● Taking a class: Get your microphone and camera ready, enter MyEChinese online classroom upon appointed time.
  • ● Offering evaluation and feedback: You can grade the tutor and the lecture when over. In the meantime you can receive the tutor’s feedback and suggestions in My Report.
  • ● Making complaints: In case of dissatisfaction with the tutor or the lecture, you can file complaints. We’d like to modify our course to suit your needs.